Commit 14acd6dd authored by Ketil Malde's avatar Ketil Malde
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Added test case to Makefile

parent 50f7b56e
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
IMAGENAME = keras-retinanet
CONFIG = tensorflow
COMMAND = bash
DISKS = -v $(PWD)/../../imagesim-docker:/data:ro -v $(PWD):/project
DISKS = -v $(PWD)/../imagesim-docker:/data:ro -v $(PWD):/project
# For jupyter:
# PORT = -p 8888:8888
......@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@ default: .docker
# $(WEIGHTS): src/
# $(RUNCMD) python3 src/
train: .docker $(WEIGHTS)
train: .docker
$(RUNCMD) python3 /src/keras-retinanet/keras_retinanet/bin/ csv /data/train.csv /data/classes.csv --val-annotations /data/validation/validation.csv
test: .docker src/ $(WEIGHTS)
$(RUNCMD) python3 src/
test: .docker
$(RUNCMD) python3 /src/keras-retinanet/keras_retinanet/bin/ csv /data/test_annotations.csv /data/classes.csv snapshots/$(shell ls -t snapshots | head -1) --convert-model
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