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Add sample release and config files

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......@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@ Common changes applied to `ladim.yaml`:
- Stop date of simulation (`time_control.stop_time`)
- Forcing input file (`gridforce.input_file`)
- Horizontal diffusion parameter (`numerics.diffusion`)
- Vertical diffusion parameter (`ibm.vertical_mixing`)
- Time step length (`numerics.dt`)
- Output frequency (`output_variables.outper`)
- Vertical diffusion parameter (`ibm.vertical_mixing`)
The file `particles.rls` is a tab-delimited text file containing particle
release time and location, as well as particle attributes at the release time.
# Configuration file for sedimentation model
# Start and stop of simulation
start_time : 2015-09-07 01:00:00
stop_time : 2015-09-07 01:05:00
particle_release_file : particles.rls
output_file :
# Module name is mandatory.
# The other items are module dependent
module: ladim_ibm.chemicals
input_file: # Use wildcards (*) to select a range of files
module: ladim_ibm.chemicals
vertical_mixing: 0.0001 # [m*2/s]
variables: [release_time, X, Y, Z]
release_time: time # np.datetime64[s]
# Mark variables as time independent
particle_variables: [release_time]
# Frequency of output
outper: [60, s]
# Variables included in output
particle: [release_time]
instance: [pid, X, Y, Z]
# --- Output format for standard variables ---
# Output format for the particle release time
ncformat: f8
long_name: particle release time
units: seconds since reference_time
# Output format for the particle identifier
ncformat: i4
long_name: particle identifier
# Output format for the X coordinate
ncformat: f4
long_name: particle X-coordinate
# Output format for the Y coordinate
ncformat: f4
long_name: particle Y-coordinate
# Output format for the particle depth
ncformat: f4
long_name: particle depth
standard_name: depth_below_surface
units: m
positive: down
# Model time step
dt: [60, s] # Format = [value, unit]
# Advection method, EF, RK2, or RK4
advection: RK4
diffusion: 1 # [m/s**2]
2015-09-07T01:00:00 3 3 31.793
2015-09-07T01:01:00 2 2 0
2015-09-07T01:02:00 4 4 1
......@@ -10,5 +10,5 @@ setup(
author='Pål Næverlid Sævik',
description='IBMs for LADiM', install_requires=['numpy', 'pytest', 'xarray',
'PyYAML', 'netCDF4'],
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