Commit 8b6c8ddb authored by Sævik Pål Næverlid's avatar Sævik Pål Næverlid
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Use modified config file in chemicals test

parent 70232b9e
import numpy as np
import pytest
import pkg_resources
from ladim_ibm.chemicals import gridforce, IBM
......@@ -33,10 +32,9 @@ class Test_nearest_unmasked:
class Test_ibm_land_collision:
def config(self):
from ladim_ibm.tests.test_examples import get_config
from ladim.configuration import configure
pkg = 'ladim_ibm.chemicals'
with pkg_resources.resource_stream(pkg, 'ladim.yaml') as config_file:
return configure(config_file)
return configure(get_config('chemicals'))
def grid(self, config):
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