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# Chemicals
The module represents passive particles that have a vertical migration rate due
to upwelling/downwelling and vertical turbulence.
to upwelling/downwelling and vertical turbulence. Also, the module contains
improved land collision treatment to prevent artificial tracer concentration
buildup near shores.
## Usage
......@@ -16,6 +18,7 @@ Common changes applied to `ladim.yaml`:
- Vertical diffusion parameter (`ibm.vertical_mixing`)
- Time step length (`numerics.dt`)
- Output frequency (`output_variables.outper`)
- Land collision treatment (`ibm.land_collision`)
The file `particles.rls` is a tab-delimited text file containing particle
release time and location, as well as particle attributes at the release time.
......@@ -26,6 +29,18 @@ Finally, copy `ladim.yaml` and `particles.rls` to a separate directory and
run `ladim` here.
## Land collision treatment
The standard behaviour of Ladim is that particles crossing the land boundary
are rewinded to the position they had at the beginning of the time step. This
IBM checks if particles have not moved since the previous time step, in which
case they are assumed to have collided with land. Collided particles are
repositioned randomly within the cell where the particles originated.
To use the default Ladim land collision treatment instead, set the config entry
`ibm.land_collisions` to `"freeze"`.
## Output
The simulation result is stored in a file specified by the `files.output_file`
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ gridforce:
module: ladim_ibm.chemicals
vertical_mixing: 0.0001 # [m*2/s]
land_collision: reposition # Alternatives: 'reposition' (default), 'freeze'
variables: [release_time, X, Y, Z]
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