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# Configuration file salmon lice model using ROMS output
# Start and stop of simulation
start_time: 2019-03-02 00:00:00
stop_time: 2019-07-16 00:00:00
# Reference time for netcdf output
# by default set to start_time
# can be overridden explicitly
reference_time: 2000-01-01
grid_file : /gpfs/gpfs0/osea/jonal/NorKyst-800m_Lus/his/2019/norkyst_800m_his.nc4_2019052301-2019052400
input_file : /gpfs/gpfs0/osea/jonal/NorKyst-800m_Lus/his/2019/norkyst_800m_his.nc4_*
particle_release_file : ./lice_2019.rls
output_file : /gpfs/gpfs0/osea/Arkiv_V2/Raw2019/
# Format = [i0, i1, j0, j1]
# subgrid: [0, -1, 0, -1]
# mapping: model name -> name in input file
# velocity: {U: u, V: v}
module: ladim.gridforce.ROMS
ibm_forcing: {temp: temp, salt: salt}
# grid arguments
# subgrid: [1, 600, 1, 775]
# Samle IBM-variablene her
# IBM-module, omit or '' for no IBM
ibm_module: ibm_lice_annesalt
# pid, X, Y, Z are mandatory and should not be given
# Ingen, kan bruke [] eller kutte linjen
ibm_variables: [super, age, days, temp, salt]
#warm_start_variables: [X, Y, Z, super, age]
release_type: continuous
release_frequency: [1, h]
variables: [mult, release_time, X, Y, Z, farmid, super]
# Converters (if not float)
mult: int
release_time: time
farmid: int
particle_variables: [release_time, farmid]
# Output period, format [value, unit], unit = s, m, h, or d
outper: [1, h]
# Split fil, daglig
numrec: 24
# Variable names
particle: [release_time, farmid]
instance: [pid, X, Y, Z, super, age, days, temp, salt]
# NetCDF arguments
ncformat: f8
long_name: particle release time
units: seconds since reference_time
# Faa til template over
farmid: {ncformat: i4, long_name: fish farm location number}
pid: {ncformat: i4, long_name: particle identifier}
X: {ncformat: f4, long_name: particle X-coordinate}
Y: {ncformat: f4, long_name: particle Y-coordinate}
ncformat: f4
long_name: particle depth
standard_name: depth_below_surface
units: m
positive: down
ncformat: f4
long_name: particle age in degree-days
units: Celcius days
standard_name: integral_of_sea_water_temperature_wrt_time
super: {ncformat: f4, long_name: number of individuals in instance}
ncformat: f4,
long_name: temperature,
standard_name: sea_water_temperature,
units: Celcius
ncformat: f4,
long_name: salinity,
standard_name: sea_water_salinity,
days: {ncformat: f4, long_name: Days after haching}
# Model time step, [value, unit]
dt: [600, s]
# Advection method: options =
# EF = Euler-Forward,
# RK2, RK4 = Runge-Kutta 2nd or 4th order
advection: RK4
# Horizontal diffusion coefficient [m2.s-1]
# zero = no diffusion
diffusion: 1.0
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